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Welcome to Woodland Draper Manufacturing

For more than fifty years we have existed as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of rubber and textile products for the agricultural, industrial, and trucking industries.  At Woodland Draper we manufacture and supply a wide range of products including combine header drapers, rubber and vinyl equipment components, conveyor belting, and truck tarps. 


Our company has a long history of collaborating with equipment operators and manufacturers to align the specifications of our products with the expectations of our customers.   From a simple tarp repair to  mass production for equipment manufacturers, it is our objective to offer a range of services that serve the needs of our customers.




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Manufacturer of drapers and swather belts for Mac Don, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Honeybee, Hardy and more...

Pickup Belts, Rakes, Flaps, Curtains, Seals and Paddles for Flory and Weiss Mcnair Orchard Harvesters. 

Shaker Pads, Slings, Fingers, Mounts, and Brush Heads for Orchard Machinery Co. (OMC) and Orchard Rite Shakers

Rakes, Paddles, Fingers, and Curtains for Ramacher, Flory, and Weiss Mcnair Orchard Sweepers.

Conveyor belts and lacing for agricultural applications including hulling and processing facilities.


Manufacturer and wholesaler of roll tarps, flatbed tarps, mesh tarps, and more.

Convenient truck parking, located just off of I-5 near I-5/I-80 interchange in Northern CA.  

Equipment covers, tender covers, shade covers

Sun Screens


Conveyor belting and fabrication services for processing, packaging, and material handling applications.

Flexco conveyor belt fastening hardware

Bucket Elevator Belting

Pulley lagging and belt repair services

Agricultural Products

Tarp & Textile Products

Rubber & Belting

Roll Tarps

Flat Bed Trailer and Lumber Tarps

Tarp Repair

Tarp Straps

Tender Covers

Equipment Covers

Shade Screen Covers

Custom Applications

Commercial Sewing

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Flat Conveyor Belting

Cleated Belting

Light Duty Belting

Heavy Duty Belting

Food Grade Belting




Belt Repair and Re-Lacing

Flexco Lace & Fasteners

Elevator Belting & Fasteners

Pulley Lagging

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Draper Belts

Swather/Windrower Belts

Agricultural Conveyor Belts

Draper and Belt Repair

Irrigation Materials

Nut Harvesting Products

Tomato Harvesting Products

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Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Agricultural and Industrial Rubber and Textile Products Since 1961



Summer 2013 342_modified.jpg

Summer 2013 342_modified.jpg

Windrower 1.jpg

Windrower 1.jpg

460 Harter Avenue Suite B   Woodland CA 95776                                             530-662-8437 (p)                            530-662-2064 (f)

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