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Rubber and Belting


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Heavy Duty Belting

Food Grade Belting


Pulley Lagging

Conveyor Fasteners


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Along with our quality product lines, we are proud to offer the following services and repairs:


Commercial Sewing:  We can sew just about anything to your specifications

Custom Rubber Fabrication:  Various rubber fabrication applications including sewing and riveting,

Pulley Lagging:  Rough top lagging and rubber pulley rebuilds


Belt Loader Belt Repair:  Extend the life of your belts and bring them in for repair.  We are equipped to repair and relace your belts to keep your operations moving.


Tarp Repair:  If your tarp or textile product still has some life, but needs some attention, bring it by our shop for repair.


Draper Repair:  Extend the life of your drapers and bring them in for drive belt, stick, and rivet repair.


Pickup Belt Repair:   We can repair or rebuild pickup belts for combines and nut harvesters.


Miscellaneous Rubber Repair:  Rubber repairs include sewing and riveting


Conveyor Belt Lacing:  We can replace damaged portions of your belt using splicing and relacing techniqes.

Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Agricultural and Industrial Rubber and Textile Products Since 1961

460 Harter Avenue Suite B   Woodland CA 95776                                             530-662-8437 (p)                            530-662-2064 (f)

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